10 Signs That Your Sugar Daddy Loves You

The sugar daddy relationship has been known to be a give-and-take relationship whereby he provides for her financially in exchange for s3xual pleasure. However, not all relationships are like this. In some cases, the sugar daddy eventually falls in love. The question is as a sugar baby how do you know that your sugar daddy loves you?

Of course, there are signs to help answer this question. Even though he might not say the three-letter words out, his actions and treatment towards you will surely sell him out.

In this blog post, you will find out the signs that your sugar daddy loves you and how to make him happy. Enjoy the read.

How Do You Know That Your Sugar Daddy Loves You?

1. He is relaxed when around you

Men tend to be relaxed with someone they have intimate feelings for.

Sugar daddies are most times saddled with a lot of responsibility either from work or family. All these make them tensed up all the time.

One way to loosen themselves is by sharing whatever that is bothering them without someone intimate. If your sugar daddy does this with you, he sure is growing intimate feelings for you.

Few sugar daddies are known to express themselves in words. But if yours sees you as his haven, then your sugar daddy loves you.

2. Compliments you

As earlier said, most sugar daddies aren’t good with words. But if yours compliment you at any chance he gets, you are sure one lucky sugar baby.

For instance, you both are out for dinner and he starts by complimenting how beautiful your dress looks. Then he goes on to state how the earring color matches your eyes. Also how you have the brightest smile.

Notice how these compliments aren’t s3xually based. He isn’t looking to just have fun with you. He wants something better than that – commitment.

In addition, a man compliments what he likes. And if he compliments you over and over then he sure really really likes you.

3. He calls you to share the good news

Remember the last time you had good news? I bet your first thought was to share it with a loved one.

Now when your sugar daddy does the same with you, doesn’t it mean that he counts you to be part of his loved one? He sure does.

This shows that your sugar daddy loves you enough to share a great feat in his life. He doesn’t take your presence in his life for granted.

Being an older man, he has experienced and met a lot of people and among the tons of people he knows, he chose you to share the good news. This goes to say that you are very important to him.

4. Sending thoughtful gifts

Thoughtful gifts are a symbol of love. I know it’s sugar daddies’ features to send gifts to their sugar babies. But there is a difference between random gifts and thoughtful gifts.

A random gift might not even be selected by the sugar daddy himself. He might ask his Assistant to get any gifts that will interest a lady of a certain age bracket. Obviously, to him, the gift is like compensation for the fun time he had with his sugar baby.

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But a thoughtful gift comes from the heart. In this case, your sugar daddy thinks of something that he knows you need or something heartfelt. Sometimes he goes out of his way to select them regardless of his busy schedule.

Giving you these gifts without you asking is a way he expresses his love for you.

5. Adds you to his plan

Another sign that your sugar loves you is that he adds you to his plan. So instead of him saying ‘I will…’, he says ‘we will…’ By doing so, he indirectly says you are a part of him and he doesn’t want to lose you.

Probably at the beginning of the relationship he makes plans for one but now he makes plans for two.

That is certainly the action of someone in love!

Aside from adding you to his plans, he also informs you of his next project. At times he might ask for your opinion.

6. He is proud of you

Remember the last time you got a beautiful dress and you just can’t seem to keep your hands off it? In fact, you almost wore the dress to every outing. That is because you thought the dress was so beautiful that you wanted to show it off to everyone.

You show off something you are proud of.

When your sugar daddy shows you off to his friends/colleagues he is sure damn proud of you. He doesn’t try to hide how happy he is to have you in his life.

Also, he treats you special and different from others because he doesn’t put you on the same level as them. If you haven’t noticed this, be more observant today and you will see the difference.

7. Holds you in high esteem

A relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby has always been viewed to be one-sided in terms of respect.

The sugar baby is expected to have high respect for her sugar daddy because he finances her lifestyle. While the sugar daddy on the other hand has little or no respect for her because ‘he who pays the piper dictates the tune’.

However, the above scenario doesn’t apply to a sugar daddy who is in love. If your sugar daddy loves you, he will surely hold you in high esteem. He doesn’t see you as someone he calls to have fun with but as someone, he respects and admires.

To him, you are worth reckoning with and he treats you as such. He asks for your opinion because he believes whatever you are saying is intellectually sound.

8. Supports your dreams

A man in love does everything within his power to support his spouse’s dream. The same applies to a sugar daddy.

Although sugar daddies are known to be wealthy old men, not all of them are willing to finance their sugar-baby dream.

Aside from the financing, how many of them can willingly pitch their sugar baby brand in a room filled with big investors? Certainly, only a few truly believe in their sugar baby dream.

If your sugar daddy is among these few, baby girl you have found yourself a scarce commodity. Keep it!

Apart from pitching your brand, he might also inform you about opportunities that will grow your brand. Also, he might use his influence to throw in some words in your favor.

These are the actions of a sugar daddy that loves you and only wants the best for you.

9. Mutual Trust And Transparency

In any relationship, trust and transparency are critical elements for building a strong and healthy connection. The same is true for sugar daddy relationships.

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In a bid to build trust, he tries to be transparent about his dealings with others to you. For instance, he could share with you some of his weaknesses as a businessman. He tells you this because firstly he trusts you and wants to earn your trust also.

If he wants a short-term fling with you, he surely wouldn’t share such vital details with you. Thus, such actions aim to build a lasting relationship with the pillars of trust, transparency, and love.

Overall, a sugar daddy who loves you will prioritize building mutual trust and transparency, as it is crucial for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

10. Emotional Support and Encouragement

A sugar daddy shows that he cares about you beyond just the financial aspects of the relationship. If your sugar daddy loves you, he will likely provide emotional support and encouragement when you need it.

This could mean that he listens to you when you have something on your mind, offers advice or guidance, or simply provides a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

By being there for you emotionally, he is showing that he cares about you as a person and not just as someone who fulfills a financial role in his life. This can be a sign that your relationship is more meaningful and has the potential to last beyond the typical arrangement between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby.

How To Make Your Sugar Daddy Happy

After discovering that your sugar daddy loves you, the next thing to do is to intentionally make him happy. Here are five tips on how to make your sugar daddy happy:

1. Rub his ego

Wealthy old men pass through a lot of stress and they don’t want a sugar baby who will add to their distress. So what do they desire?

They desire a sugar baby that will calm their nerves and rub their ego. How do I rub my baby’s ego, you may ask?

Well, you can start by bragging about him in his presence to others. Or you can seek his advice on small matters like if your heels match your outfit.

All these actions make him feel important and special. He feels you find him knowledgeable enough to ask him about matters concerning Gen Z fashion. Of course, everyone loves the feeling of being important and indispensable.

2. Shower him with love and care

It’s not just women who love to be pampered and loved. Men are no exception too. They also want to be shown care.

As earlier said, your sugar daddy is saddled with a lot of responsibility that weighs him down. One way they can be relieved of this is when they are surrounded by people who make them happy.

Love aims to make the beloved happy. You can start by giving him a foot massage after work. I know he can afford a spa massage but he certainly can’t gist with his massagist about how his day went.

So while massaging him, you ask him how his day went then use your hand to perform magic all over his body.

The massage is just a tip on how to care. There are other ways to express love. Just try to figure out what works best for your relationship and stick to it.

3. Always compliment him

Everyone loves the excitement that comes after being complimented. Sometimes this feeling lasts for days and boosts your confidence.

Yes, I know your sugar daddy receives a lot of compliments from ‘business partners’ but a compliment coming from you hits differently.

You can start by complimenting his looks and how he seems to look younger every day. Or you could glorify his fashion sense and how he looks irresistible every single time.

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Don’t be surprised to know that he smiles whenever he remembers your compliment at work. Indirectly this positively influences his input at the office.

Starting today always give your sugar daddy a nice compliment.

4. Apologize when you quarrel

This could sometimes be tricky because as women it’s quite hard to say: “it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have…and for this I am sorry.”

The ability to agree to your wrong, whether you are at fault or not, is possessed by few. However, this ability can be learned and practiced over time.

As a sugar baby learn to always apologize when you argued or said something stupid to your sugar daddy.

Sometimes he might overlook some of your ill behavior because of his level of exposure. However, you don’t know how long his patience will last.

Your sugar daddy is human. So he understands that you can wrong him. But when you always seem to find an excuse not to apologize, you are breaking the relationship.

5. Show gratitude for his care

When your sugar daddy pays your bill or shop for you, always appreciate his caring gesture. Be careful not to fall into the trap of being entitled to his money.

Also, don’t take him for an old fool because he pays the bill. Remember he is aged with experience and wisdom. Just because he ignores some of these excesses doesn’t mean they were unnoticed.

Thus, never get tired of saying thank you to him. Tell him how lucky you feel to have him provide these things and you are grateful for all he does.

What Does Most Sugar Daddy Want?

As a bonus, here are a few things sugar daddy expects from his sugar baby:

1. A Sugar Baby That Truly Cares

We all love the feeling of being special to someone. Or living in the consciousness that someone truly has puts your interest first.

Sugar daddies aren’t immune to these feelings. Regardless of how relevant he is in his industry, he still wants to lie with a woman who truly cares about him.

As a sugar baby don’t focus on only the financial provision your sugar daddy provides for you. Think of what you can give him that he can’t provide for himself. One of those things is care. Be tender and caring to him. Pamper him like a baby and treat him with royalty. Be romantic to him not only in the bedroom.

2. To feel younger

The feeling of being young again is something older men miss. They miss the energetic way they carry out functions. Some will pay thousands of dollars to have back their younger self features.

But why pay handsomely when a sugar baby can make them feel such a way again? Yes, you can recreate all those youthful experiences with your sugar daddy.

You can start by making your s3xual encounters more exciting and fun. Don’t be boring in bed like some married couple. Engage in different s3xual positions that younger ones practice.

Aside from the bed scene, you can also engage in youthful game activities such as pillow fights, card games, etc.

These activities make him younger because, during these times, he had a combination of pleasure, laughter, and fun.

3. Treat them with respect

All things being equal you should treat your sugar daddy with respect because firstly he is older than you. Secondly, he has more experience than you. Thirdly, he has power and money. These three things are enough to earn your respect even if he wasn’t your sugar daddy.

As your sugar daddy, he damn deserves your respect. Aside from catering to your financial needs, you have someone you can rely on for advice based on his years of experience.

Some sugar daddies condone their sugar baby whining and disrespect not because they are fools. Rather they act that way because they aren’t fast to react like the GenZ. They slowly disappear from their lives.

To ensure you don’t become one of the sugar babies that loses their sugar daddy to tiny air, start today to respect him like the royalty he is.

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