120 Powerful New Month Affirmations you should start this Month

self-love letter

Welcome to a fresh new month! As you step onto this fresh chapter of time, it’s a perfect opportunity to set positive intentions and practice new month affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that help you cultivate a positive mindset. They can serve as empowering reminders to stay focused, motivated, and aligned with your new Month’s … Read more

4 Ways To Quickly Manifest What Seems Impossible

To manifest what seems impossible can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. Maybe you aspire to start your own business, write a best-selling novel, or become a professional athlete. Whatever your goal may be, it’s easy to feel discouraged when you think it’s beyond your reach. However, the truth is that with the … Read more

10 Signs That Your Sugar Daddy Loves You

your sugar daddy loves you

The sugar daddy relationship has been known to be a give-and-take relationship whereby he provides for her financially in exchange for s3xual pleasure. However, not all relationships are like this. In some cases, the sugar daddy eventually falls in love. The question is as a sugar baby how do you know that your sugar daddy … Read more

How To Train Your Mind To Be Stronger Than Your Emotions

Being stronger than your emotions isn’t something you are born with. It requires resilience which demands that you intentionally train your mind to be stronger than your emotions. Intentionality is the key point here. There are many cases when emotion got the better part of a person. That is why the most stupid actions are … Read more

5 Signs That Your Relationship Sucks


“My relationship sucks”. This is a statement coming from a partner, probably telling a friend about his relationship loopholes. Many young couples are stuck in this situation not knowing how the heck they got there. At the wooing stage, everything seems perfect. He/she was your ‘spec’, looking handsome/beautiful with nice dentition and poise. Just exactly … Read more

How To Practice Having a Mindful Mindset

mindful mindset

The mind is our greatest asset as human beings. A mind that is focused on past events or always worrying about the future would be less productive. Having a mindful mindset helps you live in the here and now. In this present society where you are bombarded with a lot of negativity, especially from the … Read more

35 Manifestation Affirmations That Will Improve Your Well-Being

Manifestation affirmations are affirmative words that speak to the universe so as to attract what you want into your life. In other words, you speak to the natural force of positive things you want to manifest. As stated in my previous post, affirmations are not magic. Manifestation affirmations work hand-in-glove with the law of attraction. The … Read more