35 Manifestation Affirmations That Will Improve Your Well-Being

manifestation affirmations

Manifestation affirmations are affirmative words that speak to the universe so as to attract what you want into your life. In other words, you speak to the natural force of positive things you want to manifest. As stated in my previous post, affirmations are not magic. Manifestation affirmations work hand-in-glove with the law of attraction. The … Read more

80 Positive Shifting Affirmations That will Change Your Life

positive shifting affirmations

Positive shifting affirmations are short positive phrases designed to change negative thoughts and propel you to greatness. These short phrases do not only change your mindset but also make your reality align with what you desire. In other words, shifting affirmations gradually move you away from your present reality to your desired reality. The transformation … Read more

How to Empower Your Mindset

empower your mindset

There are limitless opportunities for an empowered mindset. An empowered mindset doesn’t see challenges as a setback but as something they can leverage to move forward. The benefit of having an empowered mindset is boundless. Since the benefits are exhaustless, how do you empower your mindset? It is noteworthy that there is no specific way/method … Read more

5 Tips on How to Operate From a Place of Love

operate from a place of love

Sometimes, we hear people say they make sacrifices because of love. Or that they communicate from a place of love. And you find yourself wondering what it means to operate from a place of love. Operating from a place of love puts you in a position of understanding, empathy, kindness, and humility. That is why … Read more