DREAMERS and DOERS: 10 Ways to Transform From Dreamer to Doer

At some point in our lives, we have dreams. These dreams may be about a perfect family or lovey-dovey relationship or even about achieving a higher feat in your career.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming for any of these things. But what happens when you find yourself stuck there, just dreaming and dreaming without taking action.

At this point, you have become a dreamer.

Now, what do you do to transform from being a dreamer to a doer? How do you start living your dreams?

Living your dreams doesn’t happen overnight. It demands consistent action and determination.

Here are 10 things to do to become a doer:

1. Inculcate discipline

 Doers (those who take action) are disciplined. Disciplined in the sense that, they train themselves to maintain control of most situations in their life.

In the same vein, you have to train yourself to be disciplined and start taking action on your dreams.

You need to sit down, break down your dreams into smaller achievable goals and write down how you are going to achieve this goal.

Of course, you do not just stop at mapping out the plan. You need to ask yourself what technique do you employ to discipline yourself in achieving these goals. Is it the reward and punishment technique? Or the accountability partner technique?

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You can brainstorm on other techniques that are best for you but ensure it’s effective.

2. Don’t overcrowd your thoughts with doubt

Fear is inevitable in this race. But the question is should you allow fear and doubt to overthrow you? Or should you squarely face your fears?

Of course, you are going to do the latter. Moreover, what is the worst that can happen? Failure? Apparently, failure is part of every success story.

So stand up straight with your heads and shoulders high and work through that fear.

3. Conduct in-depth research

A key difference between dreamers and doers is that the former envisions a perfect dreamy life based on assumptions while the latter goes the extra mile to gather data to support the vision.

You do not just sit down and wait for life to happen to you. No! You get out there and take the bull by its horn.

Since you don’t know what first step to take in making your dreams a reality, you can ask those who have acquired the knowledge in that area.

You can even take an online course or watch YouTube tutorials or google it. Just do anything to ensure that you are stepping off your dreamy zone.

4. Set up a vision board

Doers are visionaries. They are foresighted. They don’t stop at mentally visualizing their dream, they go further to pen down those dreams on a vision board.

Setting up a vision board will increase your confidence in your dream. The vision board serves as your source of inspiration/motivation. It actually reduces doubt/fear. It also makes your dreams alive and closer to you.

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5. Add value to people

Your dreams shouldn’t just be about you alone. It should add value to other people.

If your dream doesn’t add value to people’s lives, then who will invest in your dream?

It is important to ask yourself the question – ‘what problem will my dream solve? If it’s solving a problem that means it gives value to the people.

This is some of the information a doer writes down on the vision board.

6. Absorb the process

The process of achieving your dreams might be rough. You need not focus on only the final result but also the ‘how’ to the result.

You need to absorb in the whole process – the disappointment, the cries, the small wins, the No’s, the yes’s, and all other stuff that entails the process of your journey.

The reason for this is to be open-minded towards the experience you have gathered and be able to replicate the same principles anywhere.

This is why doers are very experienced, unlike dreamers who only visualize the final result and never get to achieve it.

7. Failure is part of success

As earlier said, failure is part of every success story.

As a doer, you should acknowledge that there will be down moments in the process of your journey. That is what makes you different from being a dreamer.

Dreamers doesn’t visualize failure as part of the dream. This is why a dreamer’s dream is sometimes likened to a fantasy.

8. Taking calculated risks

Unlike doers who take a calculated risk, dreamers are too afraid to leave their comfort zone.

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No matter how calculated the risk is, the fact remains that it’s still risky.

So you need to take the bold step of moving out of your dreamy world into the action zone. This can be scary but it’s very attainable.

Mind you, risk-taking entails you knowing the ‘how’ before diving into action. That is why it is called calculated risk, you know what you stand to gain or lose.

9. Take action

Don’t just put all your effort into planning and organizing, take action because that is what doers do. They act! They don’t just plan all day and wait for want seems like the perfect time to act. They take action alongside planning.

You should also do the same, take action. Don’t relent and be like the dreamers who only tells everyone how superb his plans are but never takes action.

10. Never give up

Doers have a resilient spirit. They never back out. They keep pushing regardless of the odds. They are not discouraged by setbacks.

You too have a resilient spirit. You just have to build the ‘no retreat, no surrender’ mindset. You can achieve this because you are no quitter. You have moved from the dreamers categort to that of the doers, so no going back.

Which of the points were you not implementing before now? What are you going to do today to achieve your dreams? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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