80 Positive Shifting Affirmations That will Change Your Life

Positive shifting affirmations are short positive phrases designed to change negative thoughts and propel you to greatness.

These short phrases do not only change your mindset but also make your reality align with what you desire.

In other words, shifting affirmations gradually move you away from your present reality to your desired reality. The transformation doesn’t happen overnight, rather it’s progressive.

It’s quite unfortunate that some people believe that affirmations don’t work; some see it as a hoax.

This is because this set of individuals expects an immediate transformation. They think affirmations works like magic.

Affirmations are not magic.

Every human over the years has built different beliefs rooted in our family background, religion, culture, friends, and social media.

Sadly, a chunk of these beliefs is restricting beliefs that don’t allow us to harness our true potential.

Just as these negative beliefs took several years to formulate, so also will it take a while for them to be replaced by positive beliefs through affirmations.

In order to achieve this, you need to focus your attention on positive affirmations that relate to your desired reality.

These affirmations are going to purge those negative beliefs that had being formed over the years and create the reality you desire.

This is exactly how the law of attraction works. The law of attraction tells us that what we focus on we draw into our lives and manifest.

So when you focus your attention on affirmative words that portray what you desire, within time, you attract it into your life and start to manifest it.

How to effectively practice positive shifting affirmations

Before deciding to use affirmations, you need to first figure out what area of your life you want to use these affirmative statements to transform.

After that, the following are hints that will help you practice positive shifting affirmations effectively.

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Write it down:

After figuring out what area of your life you want to practice positive shifting affirmations, you move on to write down the positive changes you desire to see in those areas.

Then break down those desired results into a short positive affirmative statement.

If this is your first time practicing affirmations, start with 2-3 affirmations and as time goes on you could increase it.

Also, ensure that you paste your affirmations in places where you see them too often.

Envisage it:

After scripting your affirmations, close your eyes and imagine when you finally get your desired reality. Visualize the emotions and how the result will improve your life.

Using your imaginative sense makes it easier to transition your consciousness into your desired reality.

Recite it often: Begin a routine of reciting your affirmations multiple times daily. If you are new to affirmation, you can start by setting a timer.

Don’t recite your affirmations only when you feel like it or when you are feeling less motivated. Say them always. It should always be at the tip of your tongue.

That is why affirmations are concise statements. Ensure you say your affirmations aloud to your hearing.

Be consistent:

Consistency is the key to achieving your desired reality. As earlier said, affirmations don’t work like magic. It takes time to unlearn those negative beliefs.

So you need to be committed to reciting your affirmations daily. Don’t just recite your affirmations thrice in a month and expect to see massive changes. No, affirmations don’t work that way.

Challenge yourself to recite your affirmations at least 15 times daily for 31 days without missing a day.

Believe it:

You should believe with your heart and soul that you can get your desired reality. In fact, you should believe that you deserve it.

If you don’t believe and have confidence in the affirmations you proclaim, then you might not see the result you desire.

So believe strongly in those powerful affirmative words like it’s already your reality.

Be patient:

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, so also will your desired reality not happen overnight.

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You need to learn the virtue of patience in order to see your dream materialize.

Benefits of practicing positive shifting affirmations

  • Positive affirmations reduce stress and anxiety level.
  • It boosts your self-confidence.
  • It opens you up to your abilities and strength.
  • You become optimistic in all situations.
  • Helps you harness your potential.
  • Improves your mental and physical health.
  • Assists you in making your dreams a reality.
  • Promotes positive thoughts.
  • It changes your mindset and puts you on the path to success

Positive shifting affirmations for your career

  1. I deserve the career success I desire.
  2. As I step out today, doors of opportunity are opened for me
  3. My energy attracts the right career opportunities to me with ease.
  4. The universe just keeps sending me opportunities regardless of time and season.
  5. I don’t need my goals to be approved by others because I know I will achieve those goals.
  6. I have the power to demand my worth and push through challenges.
  7. I am smart, competent, and organized.
  8. I am a gold mine to any organization.
  9. I know my self-worth.
  10. I am valued.
  11. My career is my journey so I refuse to compare my success with that of my colleagues.
  12. I exude excellence.
  13. Every setback I encounter isn’t a show of weakness rather it’s a gap in my knowledge. So I will go back and learn how to solve the problem, then fill up the gap.
  14. I take pride in the work I do because I know it’s of high quality.
  15. I welcome only positive thoughts.
  16. I handle stressful situations with wisdom and clarity.
  17. I release the fear of failure.
  18. I am not afraid to try again.
  19. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have received.
  20. My engagements at the office today are all productive.

Mindset positive shifting affirmations

  1. I accept love.
  2. Every day I choose to be kind to myself.
  3. I am confident in my abilities and talent.
  4. Dear self, I love you so much, and nothing changes that.
  5. I express myself freely without judgment.
  6. I trust the process.
  7. I am love so I spread love everywhere I go.
  8. My ideas are brilliant.
  9. I am a shining light that is set on mount hill and I can never be hidden.
  10. I don’t beat myself over things that aren’t in my control.
  11. I attract all new energies and possibilities.
  12. My dreams are valid.
  13. I will never settle for anything less than excellence.
  14. I have control over my emotions.
  15. I am open to trying new things out of my comfort zone.
  16. I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  17. I am a phenomenon and I do extraordinary things.
  18. I am more than enough.
  19. My thoughts take me to my desired reality.
  20. My mind is changing to match my desired reality.
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Positive shifting affirmations for your finance

  1. I am wealthy.
  2. I don’t struggle for money, rather money easily flows to me because I am valuable.
  3. I live a prosperous life.
  4. I have the power to be a financially successful person.
  5. I am building the financial freedom that I desire.
  6. I accept the flow of money from multiple sources.
  7. I have the discipline to make hard financial choices now to enjoy an easy life later.
  8. I am committed to living my financial dreams.
  9. I was born to be successful.
  10. I set SMART goals to meet my financial targets.
  11. I live within my means.
  12. I am worthy of the wealth I desire.
  13. I am financially free.
  14. I attract money easily.
  15. I achieve my financial goals with ease.
  16. Financial well-being is my new reality.
  17. I am in control of my financial destiny.
  18. My efforts are creating prosperity.
  19. I am a financial genius.
  20. I make money work for me.

Physical health Positive shifting affirmations

  1. I am healthy and strong.
  2. I exercise daily to stay healthy and build the body I desire.
  3. I feed my body with nutritious food to function well.
  4. Good health is my essence, my being, and my birthright.
  5. My body is strong. My mind is brilliant. My soul is radiant and at peace.
  6. I prioritize my physical, mental and emotional well-being above all things.
  7. I give my body the love it deserves.
  8. Healthy living is a choice I make for my total well-being.
  9. I invest in living healthy.
  10. I respect my body.
  11. I am grateful for my body.
  12. My health and well-being journey are unique to me.
  13. I speak to my body with positive intent.
  14. I live in quantum reality and my body heals in miraculous ways.
  15. I decide what a healthy body looks like.
  16. I am proud of my unique body.
  17. I speak to my body with compassion and care.
  18. I release all guilt and shame about my body.
  19. I release the need to punish myself and only make healthy choices from a place of love.
  20. My immune system is strong and keeps me safe.

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