5 Tips on How to Operate From a Place of Love

Sometimes, we hear people say they make sacrifices because of love. Or that they communicate from a place of love. And you find yourself wondering what it means to operate from a place of love.

Operating from a place of love puts you in a position of understanding, empathy, kindness, and humility. That is why people who operate from a place of love don’t force their opinion down people’s throats. They understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and your opinion being different from theirs doesn’t make them despise you.

Aside from understanding and accepting people’s differences, operating from a place of love helps you build beautiful relationships. How does this work?

When you operate from a place of love, you don’t dwell so much on what you gain from the relationship but on what you can offer for a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what we see in today’s polarized world, where It’s more about what I can gain rather than what I can give.

Knowing how operating from a place of love can improve your relationship with others, how do you now operate from a place of love.

Here are five tips to help you operate from a place of love:

1. Understand that love is a decision

You can’t operate from a place of love if you don’t understand what love is.

In this case, love is not a feeling or an emotion; instead, it’s a decision.

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Other negative feelings like anger can sway love built on the basis of emotions.

But a love built on the basis of decision can’t be swayed by mere emotions because it doesn’t have feelings as its foundation.

Understanding that love is a decision, helps you to not be thrown off balance by people’s harsh comments or actions when you act from a place of love.

It might be hard at first because these sets of people are not standing in your position – a position of understanding, empathy, and compassion.

Because they aren’t in that position and they don’t understand why you do the things you do, they resolve to be harsh, probably due to the feeling of envy.

2. Put love first

Putting love first in your relationships creates a safe space for others.

Your loving words and understanding character make people feel safe around you. They also trust you not to judge them by their mistakes but to see the good in them and love them.

The world we live in today needs so much love and kindness. Remember, an act of kindness or an “I love you” statement can save a soul from depression.

So why not be the love or kindness that others feel safe discussing difficult conversation when they think the world weight is on their shoulders.

Remember, people can only trust you when they see that you operate from a place of love and not malice.

3. Appreciate nature

One way to grow in love is to take your time and appreciate nature.

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Look at the sky and be amazed at how beautiful the pale light blue color is. Or how the colorful wings of the beautiful butterflies in the garden radiate in the sun.

When you appreciate the things mother nature has provided, you find yourself being more aware of your surroundings. All the things you once take for granted, you start to see their actual value.

You become empathic to creatures and people around you. You will also become less ignorant of people’s pain and struggle.

Of course, this will undoubtedly change your mindset and how you see the world.

4. Practice positive self-talk

Those who operate from a place of love first learn to love themselves. You can’t give what you don’t have.
If you don’t love yourself, how do you show others love?

So, one way to love yourself is to appreciate YOU, and you can achieve this by practicing positive self-talk.

Positive self-talk is phrases you repeat to yourself to change a particular thought pattern, appreciate yourself, or create a positive self-view.

For example, the more you affirm to yourself that you are loved, the more you will operate from a place of love. That goes a long way to show how your thoughts/words influence your actions.

5. Practice self-care

When you operate from a place of love, you care for others, and you tend to their needs according to your ability.
You can’t care for others if you don’t know how it’s being done. Just as the famous saying goes, “charity begins first at home.”

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It would be best if you learned how to take care of yourself first by eating healthy food, sleeping well, doing exercise, and creating time for relaxation.

You will be better positioned to help others when you are at your healthiest.


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