5 Easy Things to Do to Let Go of an Outcome

Do you often find yourself holding on to an outcome that had gone south? Or do you constantly find yourself always attached to results? Don’t bug yourself too must because this article will help you to let go of an outcome.

As humans, we carry out an action or exercise for an expected result. Almost everything we do is required to have a result that could be either favorable or not.

However, it becomes a problem when we become attached to the results of events and refuse to let go of an outcome even when things go south.

Being attached to an outcome whether it’s a quiz result or your boss’s approval confines you to a box and restricts growth.

In a scenario whereby your attached outcome is always seeking your boss’s approval, you will always find yourself doing whatever pleases your boss thereby leaving no room for personal growth in the business.

So, it’s a no brainier that refusal to let go of an outcome is detrimental to your personal growth.

Here are five easy tips to help you let go of an outcome;

1. Replace the outcome with an intention that is within the process

One of the best ways to let go of an old bad habit is to replace it with a new good habit.

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The trick here is changing your mindset about the attached outcome. In order to successfully make this shift, you need to replace a former belief (attached outcome) with a new belief (new intention).

For instance, as a student rather than focus solely on passing the quiz why not shift your attention to experimenting or practicing what you learned in the class. By doing so, you have replaced the result (good grades) with an intention to learn.

The amazing part about this approach is that in the process of focusing on your new intention, you can achieve your earlier desired results as a by-product.

2. Focus on enjoying the process

When you are consumed with the results, you are likely to forget that there is a question of how will you get the result?

Thus, you need to tilt your major attention to the process of the event. Spend more time planning and researching than visualizing the outcome.

If it pleases you, you can adjust the process to be gamely whereby it is both fun and challenging.

Also, focalizing on the process will shift your mind from the end to the ‘how’.

So, before you are consumed with the end result, remember that there is a process before the end and you need to enjoy it.

3. Embrace other ways of doing things

Just as there is no one way to success so also are there multiple ways of smashing goals

One reason for your refusal to let go of an outcome could be that you are seeing things from a one-sided view or you are using a failed technique.

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So stop fixing your gaze on only one approach instead look around and embrace other inspiring techniques.

For instance, a student performs badly in the English Language. Rather than awarding an extra hour to studying the English Language, the pupil decides to neglect other subjects and study only English Language.

In other words, don’t put all your balls in one basket rather you should diversity and seek more options and information. Having more options empowers you to make better decisions.

4. Realise that attaching yourself to an outcome limits your happiness and growth.

One negative effect of being attached to an outcome is that your thoughts are woven around the idea and your mind doesn’t create space for anything outside the idea.

This will limit your happiness and growth because your refusal to let go of the outcome might be hurting you or the people around you.

When you come to terms with this, you can create time for interaction and by so doing you might get to hear people’s reactions to the result.

5. Release yourself from the fear of the outcome

Sometimes you might be unwilling to let go of an outcome because of either the fear or hurt of not achieving it.

So you hold on to the outcome hoping that the more you grip on it the more real it can be.

You need to let go of fear and live in the moment. Do your best to achieve the goal and if doesn’t work out, move on. Don’t live in the shadow of the possible ‘what if‘ of the outcome.

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